Network Wiring Pre-Sheetrock

If you ever wondered why a lot of wiring guys don’t get a long with sheetrock guys, this short video will explain why. Network wiring or Phone wiring can’t be cut or nicked or can have problems (network wiring especially). When cabling it is important to protect your wiring, but sometimes no matter what you

CAT5e or CAT6 Network Wiring

  Whether you are wiring your business or your home with network wiring, you will want to know which kind to use.  Should I use CAT6 or is CAT5e alright?  Some people think that they need to have the latest and greatest cabling standard and just bite the bullet on the cost.  In this post, we are

Technology in Brazil

I have been on a trip to Brazil lately with my mom visiting the Brazillian church that my parents had started as missionaries over 20 years ago.  Personally, it has been great to visit with all our friends down here and to see how the church has grown and has mission works of its own