Dell Service Tags and Express Service Codes

If you have a Dell computer, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, server or other, it should have a Service Tag on it. This 5-7 digit alphanumeric code acts as a unique identifier for your hardware and is in essence the serial number of your equipment.

Below is a handy link to Dell’s website where you can plug in your Dell Service Tag and get back some very useful pieces of information such as a list of Service Contracts and Warranties and the Original System Configuration of the hardware you are searching for.

Under Original System Configuration, you will find a list of components that shipped with your computer as well as the quantity of those items. You will also get the System Type (Dimension, Inspiron, etc.) of your computer and the ship date.

The Service Contracts and Warranties section will show you the Start Date and End Date for any Support Agreement that you have or had on the Dell Hardware. You will also be shown how many days are left on your support contract.

If you follow the link provided below from the Dell Computer that you are wanting information on, you will also have the option of downloading and installing a small piece of software that will tell you how your system is currently configured.

To view the system information for a particular service tag, click here.

If you need to call into Dell for support, you may be requested to enter your Express Service Code on the phone. This number is actually a derivative of the Service Tag. If you only have the Service Tag, or for that matter, if you only have the Express Service Tag, this linkĀ will take you to an online service tag to express service code converter and vice versa.

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